Building bunkers in UK

BUNKER BG has entered into cooperation with the British construction company DELUXE CONSTRUCTION, part of the DELUXE GROUP operating in London and Dubai. The two companies join forces to create high-tech underground bunkers under the name DELUXE BUNKER UK.

The new company DELUXE BUNKER UK aims to create security and full autonomy of life in the bunkers it builds for its customers in the United Kingdom. The company offers the construction of private bunkers for one family, as well as for more people. High-tech installations provide the opportunity for more than six months of residence. The bunkers are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable living and they do not differ in any way from your home concerning the design. In peacetime, you can use the living space of the bunker as an addition to your home. At the request of the client we can install a SPA area, play area and other amenities that you can use at any time. For larger projects, we provide a car garage as part of the bunker to protect your vehicles in a crisis situation. A refueling station is also provided next to the garage.

Foresighted people build their bunkers in peacetime, just as they do their life insurance while still in good health. They want to be prepared for both temporary military and economic crises and more severe situations.

Pessimists do not believe in the future and believe that bunkers will not save them from the end of the world. Realists are optimists who believe in the future and know that hard times are always followed by good ones. Mankind has experienced two world wars and multiple other local crises. At that moment, everything seemed lost, as if the end of the world was coming. The well prepared people knew that the crises will pass and planned their next moves. The bunker will help you get through all this easier and will give you a high start in life after the crisis.

The bunker is an investment for the future that brings tranquility to the present. This investment will be inherited from your children and grandchildren, who will also live in peace, that they have protection for themselves and their loved ones at any time.

DELUXE BUNKER UK wants to give more people peace of mind because this is the most valuable asset and very few people nowadays can boast that they really own it.