Co-founder & Manager

Manages the process of design and construction of bunkers, contact with contractors, technicians and team management.

  • 2007 - completed his higher education with a master's degree in "Accounting and Control" at UNWE;
  • He specializes in Internal Control in the organization. Improves his knowledge and qualities through completed courses in "Forecasting and Planning", "Implementation and management of processes through HACCP system for control of critical points" and "Quality Management System ISO 9001";
  • Participates in projects for construction of production and trade bases, consulting in the field of construction, acquisition and management of real estate;
  • 10 years of experience in the commercial and residential sector, he has solid experience in the construction industry;

  • Desislav Panov is dedicated to the idea of ​​building shelters / bunkers that ensure peace and security while exceeding customer expectations for maintaining living standards and even its improvement;

  • "Building an asylum is an emotional journey for the client, and what is required of us is to use our knowledge and skills to advise him and guide him through the process."