HVAC Engineer

Verification, validation and synchronization of HVAC projects in air purification and ventilation system with our partners from Switzerland.


  • Served in the chemical troops of the Republic of Bulgaria - "Nuclear and chemical protection"; 
  • 2006 - graduated from the Technical University - Sofia, Master of Mechanical Engineering with a degree in "Microclimate Maintenance Systems" and a second degree with a Bachelor's degree - "Pedagogue";
  • Won "1st place" in "Team Design" in a competition with participants from all Technical Universities from all over Europe - "BEST Engineering Competition - 2007" - Riga, Latvia;
  • Member of the "Chamber of Engineers in Investment Design" as a designer with Full Design Qualification, certification for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Heating and Gas Supply;
  • Head of a private design bureau;
  • Head of the team for design and author's supervision of HVAC installations for office buildings, hotels, hospitals and residential buildings in a private company;
  • Construction of HVAC installations;
  • Design and author's supervision of refrigeration systems for shops, gas stations and others;
  • Participates in many large projects and author's supervision in terms of HVAC;
  • Implementation of joint activities and correspondence with Bulgarian and foreign companies;
  • Joins the team of BUNKER BG as Chief Specialist in "Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning".