Chief Projects Specialist

Chief Specialist "Life Support Systems" and project consultant. 

  • PhD in Physics - 1989 at Sofia University of the Faculty of Physics, SNA of the Higher Attestation Commission in Physical Electronics and Radiophysics;
  • Certified by the National Center for Radiobiology and Radiation Protection - qualification level SIR 4
  • Member of the Union of Physicists in Bulgaria - since 1992;
  • Associate Professor at the Faculty of Physics of Sofia University - since 2000;
  • Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Physics at Sofia University - two terms since 2007;
  • Head of contracts with the Research Fund, Eureka Fund, National Center for Metrology, etc.;
  • Head of the Laboratory of Laser Technology at the Faculty of Physics of Sofia University - from 2004 to the present;
  • Establishment of the workshop on Laser Spectroscopy and creation of manuals for the exercises;
  • Current lecturer at the Faculty of Physics of Sofia University "St. Kl. Ohridski ";
  • Service engineer of X-ray equipment for inspection of goods and luggage at the customs at" Hydrolock EOOD ";
  • Specialization at the University of North Paris.  Participation in international specialized scientific conferences;
  • Head of 30 graduates and 1 PhD student; 
  • 42 scientific publications in journals in the last 10 years;
  • 25 reports at international conferences,
  • 142 citations in articles in renowned international journals; 
  • Active participation in more than 20 contracts of scientific and applied nature; 
  • Joins the team of BUNKER BG as Chief Specialist "Life Support Systems".