The bunker is a specialized survival facility. Most bunkers are envisaged for the resident to stay in from a few days to a week. This is why, amenities are often deprived. Our bunkers are designed in a way that allows you to stay inside for a longer period of time if the situation requires so. Therefore, with the team of BUNKER BG, we conducted a study and discovered that the amenities for a long period of time provide the necessary comfort and minimize the stress of the external environment. 

We offer two types of furnishing:


The basic furnishing of each bunker is included in its price. It is selected to provide everything you need for a normal lifestyle without lacking anything. It includes:

  • Flooring; 
  • Plaster on the walls;
  • Built-in kitchen with basic furniture – a stove, a washing machine, a refrigerator; 
  • Bathroom with everything you need -a sink, a shower, a toilet; 
  • Living room equipped with а table, chairs and а sofa; 
  • Bedroom with built-in wardrobe and beds; 
  • Sauna; 
  • Fitness equipment;
  • Storeroom equipped with racks; 
  • Measurement devices for external and internal control; 
  • Climate control sensors.


In order to have real amenities in the bunker, we recommend individual furnishing. You can choose the style of furniture you like, as the possibilities are unlimited. The team consists of architects highly specialized in interior design. The individual furniture of each bunker is not included in its price.

You can include everything you want in the project:

  • Flooring of your liking; 
  • Finishes on the walls;
  • Scenario lighting;
  • Designer furniture;
  • High class appliances;
  • Designer layout bathrooms;
  • Cinema equipped with sofas or armchairs of your choice;
  • Winery sized according to your preferences;
  • Sauna - with salt, infrared, aroma and others of your choice;
  • Different types of baths - Roman bath, Turkish bath (Hammam), Herbal bath, Egyptian bath and others;
  • SPA area - Jacuzzi, heated loungers, massage table, TV, aroma therapeutic installation, etc.;
  • Fitness equipment - a wide range of equipment;
  • Garden, equipped with everything necessary for vegetable cultivation;
  • Warehouse equipped with racks and supplied by us in accordance with a list by the master chef;
  • Freezer compartment in the warehouse;
  • Measuring devices for indoor and outdoor climate control;
  • Full equipment of protective devices, dosimeters, portable detectors, etc.;
  • "Smart bunker” system installation;
  • Safe room for the storage of your assets;
  • Central entrance vault door.


SPA zone