BUNKER BG is selling the first of its kind underground private bunker on the territory of Bulgaria.

The bunker was designed and built to protect against chemical and radioactive contamination, enemy actions such as civil disturbances, military actions, and much more.

The bunker is located at a strategic location, near Sofia, and is protected from a wide range of factors.

It is suitable to be bought and adapted to suit the needs of individuals, small communities of like-minded people, business companies and why not a group of family friends.

During socialism, the bunker was established to protect the state elite as a crisis and operational headquarters from which to run the military and state structures.

Given the functions for which it was built, it is currently in excellent condition and a subject to rapid renovation, unlike other neglected government bunkers.

Area of 1070 sq. m.

Price 1 850 000 EUR.

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The bunker has various options for reconstruction according to customer needs. It is designed and built for use by 50 people. In its first version it is equipped with 10 apartments, each of them fully adapted and equipped with everything needed for a 4 member family. The remaining rooms are for staff. In its second version, it is reduced to 6 apartments, the largest with an area of 130 sqm.

See a 3D tour of the apartment here.


Each apartment has a fully equipped kitchenette with a dining table for four, which leads into the bedroom and bathroom.


The bedroom provides privacy and tranquillity, with a wardrobe area and a designated work corner.


All details are adjusted to the actual living area to create a warm home atmosphere. With care for the psychological peacefulness, each apartment is equipped with virtual windows on which you can screen selected views or observe the real outdoor environment through the cameras installed around the bunker.


Upon entering the bunker, you will find yourself in a long corridor giving access to various suites and halls. At one end of the corridor you will find a well appointed dining room, with a professionally equipped kitchen. At the other end of the corridor you will come across a lounge, games and sports room.

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The socialization of the bunker inhabitants is of key importance for their psychological stability, so we at BUNKER BG have taken care to provide the most comfortable environment for the occupants.


You can dine on your own, preparing your meals in your apartment's fully equipped kitchenette, or prefer to do so in the shared living area for members to unite.

See a 3D walk-through of the premises here.


At the other end of the corridor, across the shared living room, you will find a large entertainment room, with large sofas and TV screens. This is where you can spend your time: hanging out with friends, discussing different topics and strategies together, keeping up with the world situation or just watching movies.


The room is equipped with a pool table, stationary and table games, and fitness equipment. Doing sport is health, and in certain situations more than a necessity. If the client wishes, the fitness area can be built into a separate premises.

See a 3D tour of the premises here.


The technical area is equipped with everything required for the proper functioning of the bunker, such as potable water treatment, electricity generator, water tank, fuel tanks, air purification systems, storage areas, emergency air supply and space for additional specialized equipment.

See a 3D tour of the technical area here.



Just before the entrance to the technical area, you'll find a server room with adequate ventilation for it - especially suitable if you're a business company for storing valuable information remotely.



The generator is designed to provide the electrical needs of the entire bunker in the event of an interruption in the external electrical supply. There is an option for additional power from a photovoltaic plant.



The bunker is equipped with a fuel storage area that serves the needs of the generator.



Drinking water purification is essential for users, as is the provision of water reserves in the event of an emergency. We have made sure that you will have access to purified, properly filtered water that meets all drinking water norms.



On the right of the entrance you will come across the room for air purification from chemical, biological and radioactive agents. The system is a Swiss development and is licensed by the Swiss Federal Service for Civil Protection.



Upon entering the technical room, you will find the space on the left for providing emergency air in case of need.

For a 3D tour of the technical rooms - here.

Do I need a bunker or is it an unnecessary investment?

The current civilization is moving too fast towards its significant reduction or complete destruction. More economic, health and social crises are on the way. Climate changes are a serious prerequisite for the devastation of agricultural areas, floods, storms and the destruction of vast areas and infrastructure. All this will inevitably lead to a fuel access regime, disruption of food supplies and other valuable raw materials without which life in modern society would be unimaginable. Cutting off electricity in large and heavily populated areas for over a month leads to complete anarchy, a struggle for food supplies and basic necessities. The capacity of the army and the police is too limited to deal with such crises. Only those prepared in advance can be assured of their survival and the survival of their close ones.

When these events occur, it is too late to take action, regardless of what financial or authority powers you have. This is hard to realize for the majority of people with high social status and resources because in "good times" everything looks rosy and the possibilities are limitless. When critical events such as climate disasters or military action and unrest hit, unlimited options disappear within hours, including preparation time. All people are flattened in their plight, regardless of their pre-crisis capabilities. Only those seriously preparing in peaceful conditions can be at ease and be several steps ahead of the rest - therefore it requires foresight, forethought, the ability to think steps ahead and not to relax into the comfort of a settled and comfortable life, believing that it will last indefinitely. 

Such comprehensive preparation is a long and complicated process. That is why we at BUNKER BG are here to help anyone who understands the need for security and can afford it.

This is an investment that cannot be at loss! On the one hand it is a facility that saves lives, and on the other it is a long-term investment with increasing value over time considering the times ahead.

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