There are different types of bunkers. They are military and public ones. The military bunkers provide protection for the national army, for civil servants and military technology. Public bunkers aim to protect the population. They are usually built beneath schools, kindergartens, public institutions and government offices. Bunkers are used for survival situations during natural disasters or wars. When we hear the word "bunker", the first association that comes to the mind is an underground facility, which is entirely made of concrete - uncomfortable, cold, inhospitable and sometimes humid. It gives the feeling of depression and fear. Private bunkers, unlike the ones described above, are something completely different.

BUNKER BG specializes in the construction of private bunkers, which it turns into a cozy home. They do not lack amenities. In times of peace you can relax in your bunker or invite friends, because its living area is designed as a comfortable and cozy apartment.


Bunkers against tornadoes, hurricanes and storms are popular in America. These are small underground shelters equipped with food supplies for a few days, where you can hide your family and yourself until the disaster passes. They are not adapted for a longer occupation period. These bunkers are not adapted to withstand radiation, biological and chemical attacks.



In two-level shelters, the underground part is the one used for living. The upper part of the bunker serves as a protective buffer and a storage. In a case of a bomb attack, the upper protective layer protects the entrance to the residential part. However, these bunkers are not really reliable. These are bunkers that you can use for a limited period of time. Compared to storm shelters, these ones give you the opportunity to live a medium-long period of time, deprived of any amenities for a normal life.


Some bunkers have underground tunnel constructions, which are used as an emergency exit. In case of debris, when you cannot open the central door, the emergency exit allows you to safely get off the grounds.


BUNKER BG offers bunkers with the highest level of protection. Our bunkers are designed to withstand all kinds of natural disasters. The bunkers we build are from concrete withstand nuclear activity, viruses, chemical and biological weapons. Our purification systems ensure a safe living microclimate. Moreover, they are equipped with detectors and sensors for a constant monitoring of the levels of the environmental pollution. This way you would know when it is safest for you to go to the surface. Our bunkers are designed with emergency exits. If you cannot exit through the main entrance, you can rest assured that your exit is provided. You can live in our bunkers for a long period of time /over 6 months/. The BUNKER BG professionals think about both your safety and your comfort. Thus, in the bunker we have installed smart systems for monitoring and control of the internal and external environment. You will be able to control the heating, the cooling, the temperature, the lighting and everything you want, completely automatically from your phone, tablet or computer. At the same time, the system is designed for autonomous operations, in the event of a digital malfunction. We have also thought about your comfort. The premises are spacious, and there is an option for equipment of your own choice. Except for a fitness and a sauna, we can also install a cinema, a spa area, a games room and other extras in the bunker. This way you will under no circumstances relate your stay to a crisis situation and when you go out, you will feel completely rested and fresh. In times of peace you can invite friends and enjoy a safe and cozy atmosphere.