BUNKER BG has launched a new service "Free analysis of existing premises".

If you have an unusable space such as a basement, warehouse, cellar or other, you can find out the possibilities of turning it into a protected area - intrusions on persons, air purification from radioactive and chemical elements, alternative electrical power supply, types of provisions one needs in critical situations and much more.

Our experts will come on site, inspect the premises and prepare a free analysis of all options to protect that space.

You will find out what installations can be implemented in it and what level of protection can be covered.

All you need to do is schedule a viewing on +359 888 009 909 or email us at, leaving a contact number for us to get back to you.


If you are in the process of constructing a house or other type of building and want to find out about your protection options, you can contact us for an overview and free analysis.

The best time to contact us is when you are still in the Conceptual Phase of your project. Then, together with your designers, we will create an overall concept for protection as part of the overall project.

In case you have missed the moment and you are already in the advanced construction phase, we will work with the available data and prepare a free analysis of what is possible to fit for a protected area and what level of protection the room will be able to meet.


If you have an existing secure facility such as a bunker, panic room or other, the BUNKER BG team can inspect and analyse it free of charge. The analysis includes recommendations on what you can improve in the room to make it a fully protected and self-contained bunker or panic room. You can safely trust our highly qualified experts and Swiss partners from LUNOR with experience in bunker construction since 1947.


Some of our customers decide to renovate or build their space by themselves, coming to us only for advice and purchase of particular items. We offer blast and anti-radiation doors, emergency exit doors, reinforced skylights, blast-protection valves, ventilation systems to purify the air from chemical, radioactive and biological agents, dehumidification systems, and other solutions for your home security - vault doors, high security entrance doors, protected windows, complete construction of Panic rooms and much more.

Purchasing goods from us does not necessarily oblige you to order the installation work as well.

You can pick up your goods directly from our warehouse and take care of the installation yourself.

HERE you can see a sample installation of a door on an existing room.


Not every basement, crawl space, warehouse or other space can be adapted to protect against radioactive, chemical and biological elements, malicious attempts, product storage, etc.

To make a premises suitable for protection, sometimes very minor works are needed, sometimes they are significant. We look at protecting your family from many different perspectives, and after a meeting with us, we will help you expand your view of security. One major mistake in building security is that protection is considered "by peace" and people often miss some obvious weak points. For example, installing a single strong door or getting a single generator is by itself an unnecessary investment that won't work for you in a real situation. Our advice is before you start making a plan for your security and protection of your family, to consult our team of specialists who consider security as a complex concept with a focus in efficiency and solutions. After all, in a real situation, compromises will cost you more than dearly. It's not wise to make them when it comes to protecting your family.

After viewing your premises, our specialists will be able to prepare a free brief analysis of what part of your property can be adapted for protection and will be able to guide you on the price range and time for adaptation/construction of the premises.

All you need to do is schedule a viewing on +359 888 009 909 or email us at, leaving a contact number for us to get back to you.