There is a lot of speculation surrounding COVID-19 and misleading media headlines that people are looking for bunkers to escape the virus.  We don't need bunkers to stay safe from this virus!  It is enough to limit our contacts and follow the measures.  The bunkers have a far greater aim.  Their purpose is to save us from possible chemical pollution, military action, riots, new and more dangerous viruses, radioactive contamination and natural disasters.

The first reaction of most people is to deny that such events can occur and call other paranoid.  If someone had told us that a coronavirus would appear and confuse the whole planet and shake the economy of every country, would we believe it?!  Probably not.  We would accuse him of being a conspiracy theorist.  But it happened!  At the same time, those same people continue to deny that something more serious could happen, not noticing the many indicators pointing that there are all the prerequisites for it to happen.

It is a common misconception that bunkers are built just to protect us from the Apocalypse.  Bunkers can save our health and life in a variety of situations.  We may need to use our bunker for three days to a week to hide from the harmful emissions of a chemical or nuclear accident.  The first days are the most dangerous due to the clouds carrying harmful elements.  Then we can go out without risk to health.  In the event of a terrorist attack, until the type of explosion and contamination is established, it is also a good idea to seek protection in the bunker with its safety systems.  In the event of civil unrest or hostilities, the bunker provides us with the necessary time to stay until things are under control and the situation normalizes.  All this shows that the apocalyptic idea of ​​the need for a bunker is not defining the choice.


How exactly will a bunker save us from the upcoming events?



Each bunker has a warehouse for food supplies.  This way you will not have to go to the surface in troubled times and look for food.  Any emerging from the bunker in a crisis situation is an unnecessary risk.



The bunkers we build are made of reinforced concrete.  The thickness and quality are tailored to absorb all types of radioactive radiation.  In the event of a nuclear accident or explosion creating a radioactive cloud, you are completely protected in your bunker.  The structure is reinforced to withstand earthquakes as well.


The treatment systems of the bunkers we build purify the air from chemical, biological and radioactive pollution.  When the atmosphere outside is saturated with hazardous elements, you will breathe completely clean and safe air inside the bunker.  In the event of an accident at a chemical plant, power plant or other disaster, you and your family will be completely protected from particles carried by wind and rain.


Every bunker we build is equipped with a water treatment system.  When water is contaminated with biological or chemical pathogens, you will drink fully filtered, purified water.  In addition, through drilling, you will have your own water source, whose water is also purified.



Each bunker is equipped with an alternative power supply to the external power grid.  This way you will have power for months to come, and even if the external power supply is interrupted, you will be independent of it.



Each of our bunkers is equipped with sensors to monitor the external and the internal environment.  If the radiation background rises above a certain norm, they will alert you of the danger.  This way you will not have to rely on media reports, and you will be the first to know the real situation.  The sensors can be connected to the "Smart Bunker" system, so you will receive information on your mobile device.



We can place cameras and motion sensors outside the bunker to monitor the entire perimeter.  In case of uninvited guests, you will be notified immediately.  This allows you to assess the situation and take timely action.



Each bunker has a weaponry.  You can store weapons that ensure your safety in it.  If you have to go outside your bunker in an aggressive environment, you will have protection.



We supply each bunker with protective clothing, gas masks and portable detectors for radioactive radiation.  If you need to leave your bunker in a contaminated environment, you will be protected.  The sensors will also alert you exactly how long you can stay outside and when it's time to go back in the bunker.



The system we will install will allow you to grow fresh food in about a month.  Fresh food is an extremely valuable addition to your food supplies.



You can store your assets in the bunker.  We can also build a separate vault, which only you can access.  During a financial crisis and military action, your assets are not protected in the banks. Until things are under control and stabilized, it is best to keep your assets with you.  After the situation passes, you may be one of the few who has assets left.  This will give you a higher start.



When designing the bunker, we also think about the convenience.  During a long stay, they turn out to be no less important than food supplies.  Mental health is essential in crisis situations.  With appropriate furniture you will be able to feel cozy and relaxed, like in a second home.



Once we have installed all the necessary systems for full autonomy of life and when handing over the site to you, we will go through a short training course to instruct you how to use the facilities.  You will also be instructed how to react in different situations.


Having a personal bunker gives you peace of mind and security.  Consider your bunker as a fulfilled debt to your family.  Times to come will become increasingly volatile, and the bunker is the only way to secure the future.


Do it now and don't wait for the last minute!  The construction of a bunker takes at least six months after the first construction step.  No one knows how much longer we have left to live in peace.

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