BUNKER BG made a "Risk Assessment" so that we can inform more people about the upcoming threats to them.  Many people are unaware of the risks they and their families are facing simply because they are not informed and do not want to think about it.  History has shown that the most prepared survive and not those who close their eyes because they do not want to face reality.  It is time for all of us to open our eyes, look directly into the problem and realize that human civilization is on the brink of survival at all times.

Nobody wants to scare you, we just want you to be informed.  Good decisions are made only on the basis of good information.  In this article we will focus on facts to avoid speculation.


The planet is overpopulated!  Never before has the human population reached such proportions.  About 20 years ago, humanity numbered about 4 billion people.  Now the number is almost double!  What it will be in another 20 years we can only guess, but let's take into account that the growth is exponential.  Overpopulation leads to lack of food supplies, hunger, possibility of new viruses, industrial pollution of air, soil and rivers.  When life in such areas becomes impossible, people will start looking for shelter elsewhere.  That means violating the sovereignty of neighboring state borders and wars.


There are many preconditions for a global economic collapse.  These prerequisits have been noticed by analysts even before the appearance of COVID-19. Its appearance only confirmed their predictions.  How deep this collapse will be is only to be seen.  Above a certain limit, it would lead to unemployment in many industries, hunger, civil unrest and in its final phase, if the situation is not controlled - anarchy.  According to estimates made in the United States, in the condition of anarchy half the population would be dead within a year due to the lack of a governance system.  The government, the military and the elite would be prepared and would take care of their families, completely abdicating managerial functions.  This means disruption of food supplies, transport and everything in the chain.  The consequences would be the formation of local gangs that would plunder and kill for food and shelter, hunger, and even cannibalism.


The nuclear threat is greater than ever.  American and Russian missiles are constantly on standby.  A number of other world powers have nuclear weapons and are ready to defend their territory at a time of threat.  A nuclear event is more likely to occur now than during the Cold War.

Terrorist organizations are stronger than before and have more financial opportunities.  This is a prerequisite for the detonation of nuclear and biological weapons.  Misleading piece of information that the cause of the attack came from a neighboring country could trigger large-scale military action and end up in a nuclear apocalypse in days.


Bioterrorism is a real threat to the health of the population.  The release of a laboratory-created virus or chemical agent could kill millions of people before a vaccine or treatment is discovered.  The result would be economic turmoil, which in turn would lead to complete anarchy and wars with unknown consequences.


Geological evidence shows that the Earth has undergone many pole changes.  Each such change occurs once every 500 000 years.  The last pole shift was 780 000 years ago, so we are late for the next one and the rotation can happen at any moment!  The results of a reorientation of the poles would lead to earthquakes, mega tsunamis, massive storms with over 600 km/m. Nothing on the surface would survive those natural disasters.


NASA is tracking a dangerous asteroid with a diameter of 210 x 330 meters, called Apophis, which is expected to pass close to Earth on Friday, April 13, 2029 and again in 2036. A direct hit or if it passes too close would lead to fatal consequences or  at least a temporary imbalance for all mankind.

For size comparison, on February 15, 2013, the Chelyabinsk meteorite fell to the Earth, injuring over 1,000 people and causing a lot of material damage.  The size of this meteorite was about 20 meters in diameter!  It caused 3 explosions, the first of which at an altitude of about 50 km and had an approximate power of 500 kilotons / as much as a nuclear explosion /.


EMR / electromagnetic pulse / is also known as NEMR / EMR with high altitude /. A detonation hundreds of kilometers above the Earth's surface would lead to complete destruction of all electronic circuits, including the Internet, power lines and the entire power grid.

On July 23, 2012 we witnessed one of the strongest eruptions of the Sun, which caused a powerful magnetic storm.  Luckily, it passed around the Earth.  If it had hit us it would have cut off power to the entire planet.  It is estimated that over 60% of the population would die within a year of a detonation due to our dependence on electricity.  The entire infrastructure would suffer.  This means interrupting the transport of goods, food and medicine.  That would lead to anarchy, and local wars for food and shelter.


CUMBRE VIEJA volcano on the Canary Islands could erupt at any moment, causing half the mountain to collapse into the ocean, creating a 1076-meter-high mega-tsunami that would cross the Atlantic and destroy much of Europe and Africa as well as the east coast of North America.

The Supervolcano below Yellowstone National Park in the United States had last erupted about 640 000 years ago. If it erupts it would release ash and magma in such quantities that it would affect not only North America but the entire World.  Huge amounts of gases would be released and pyroclastic clouds would overshadow vast areas from the Sun.  This would also change the balance of carbon dioxide on the planet and cause an active greenhouse effect.


The bunkers may not save you from a total planetary cataclysm.  But they can definitely save you from some minor concussions.  After the passage of a severe crisis those who were the most prepared would survive.  They will have their health, weapons, assets and food.

A study conducted by psychologists found a portion of people who said they Wouldn't want to live in a post-apocalyptic world hence didn't have a reason to prepare. The question is whether they realize that when a situation occurs, no one knows how serious it will become! It is possible that after leaving the bunker they would find a controlled situation, although with many victims.  Their family would not be among the victims.  Life would go on, they wouldn't be affected and they may even find themselves in a high-start situation.