During the construction of your bunker, all systems are repeatedly tested. A General test is performed after the completion of the construction. All systems are tested in the form of a simulation of a real environment. You will go through a detailed briefing in advance and you will receive a folder with detail instructions of system use and a Security Certificate as well.



Upon commissioning the site, you will receive a folder with detailed instructions for the usage of the bunker. It contains description of all the steps that you need to go through in a critical situation. Guidelines for evaluation of the situation and accompanying actions are included inside. Different events and how to counteract are also reviewed. It includes:

  • Evaluation of the situation;
  • Priority measures;
  • Secondary measures;
  • Guidelines for long-term residence;
  • Actions upon going out to the surface;
  • Others.


On the day of the object commissioning a Final test, in which you personally take part, is performed. Prior to it you will be instructed in details and you will be acquainted with the systems and the types of emergency measures. BUNKER BG issues a Certificate of Reliability. The certificate attests that all systems work safely and reliably, and you are a certified Chief Operator-User of the bunker shelter. The document gives a right to warranty service.