For the health and the survival of your family and yourself, you need to provide clean drinking water in unlimited quantities. At BUNKER BG we have specialists who will carefully study the terrain and the possibility of creating your own water source. The water goes through chemical tests and analysis in order to define what kind of water purification system to install. Typically, we use membrane filtration, which includes ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis, and UV filtration in addition. The systems we will install purify the water, including against chemical pollution. The bunker is connected to the external water supply network, but also to its own water source, where this is possible. This way you have two alternatives to drinking water, and in both cases the water passes through a specialized purification system to provide crystal clear and safe to be consumed water.



Ultraviolet (UV) water purification is a technique for removing viruses, bacteria, parasites, microorganisms, molds and algae from the water, without the use of chemicals. We use the installation in addition to other drinking water systems. By using it, we remove up to 100% of the pollutants, protozoa and microorganisms from the water. Our specialists will choose the right UV lamp and will prepare the water for the required transparency. This method gives a 100% guarantee for bacteria-free drinking water. Disinfection of water from boreholes and wells with UV light is a safe method for removing microbiological and chemical contamination.


The reverse osmosis system is a technique for purifying water at a molecular level, taken from nature itself. The idea is taken from nature, from the metabolic processes in living cells, through the walls of which only molecules of a certain size could pass. The technology for water purification with a reverse osmosis filter uses synthetic membranes with a small pore diameter - 200 times smaller than the size of viruses and about 4000 times smaller than the size of a bacteria. This ensures that neither viruses nor bacteria get into the drinking water. Passing through the filters, the water molecules leave all the contaminants on the membrane, and upon reaching the outlet, the water contains no impurities and is absolutely clean. Our specialists will evaluate the purification system in order to achieve optimal results - a combination of membrane nanofiltration, reverse osmosis and UV purification.